Monday, July 30, 2018

Inscribed and Concentric Figures

That's the fancy Nienhaus name for this material. 
We call it the shape design box. You can tell from the number of photos here that I love this work.
It is a box stacked in three levels with three colors and three shapes - circles, squares and triangles.
The squares match perfectly to the pink tower so they go from big to quite tiny. 

They can be put in order like the pink tower.

But the design possibilities is what attracts the kids. 

Glass or wooden gems add a flair and finishing touch.

Frogs came to visit it one day. Why not.

It is a work they contemplate and have pride in.

Oh, my!

Here is where you could perfectly match the pink tower to these.

This girl started me on my love of loose pieces/transient art/Reggio-like design work that is posted on this blog.
I spent years in my artist studio and this child approached her work exactly as I did. Taking ones time, experimentation in placement, self-correction and then stand back and observe the creation. 
It was awesome to watch her. Mixed materials? You bet!!

A truly creative material for any classroom.

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