Sunday, July 15, 2018

How to host a whiz-bang water fun day!

We wait for it all year. 
The time for all children to run free and play 
and splash and giggle. 

Dundee Montesssori has a very long driveway and it is the perfect place to construct an environment for the dreams 
of children at play on a hot summer day. 

The key is different water stations to rotate through. 
Even though this station got a bit fixed up by the children 
it is all good.

 I found this huge funnel tube and it is a winner 
for cooperative play.

Fishing is a must.

Different sized funnels and bottles is a classic.

Water wheels hit the spot.

A sieve and net tub is a pleasure.

Boating is a go.

Water blast away!

 This standing water activity center works well.

Any type of water slide is a capital idea.

Bubbles are a must.

A water balloon station brings them running.

Slip 'N Slide belly crawl is a hit.

Freeze strange things and add shaving cream and shovels!

Every party needs a lemonade sidewalk cafe!

Balls down the pipes creates a stir!

Miniature golf is the go-to add-on! 


You gotta have trucks!

Wait! Is someone inside that tower?

Put it all together and you have done a first-rate job of creating a water wonderland for your young students!
This is what summer is all about!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Antique Tray Practical Life

Hand painted antique trays hold four of our 
many small motor skill works.

Flowers All Year

One of Montessori's Practical Life's classic works is preparing flowers from the garden into vases for the classroom. Fake flowers work also. It can be summer year around for the class. Also, very young children enjoy arranging these over and over.

Weather Felt Board Extensions

We all have felt boards. Just laying it out is too easy.
 Let's add labels and a drawn version.

Of course, your students must have this level of drawing skills. Drawing skills are directly related to writing skills, so teach writing to get prekindergarten kids this far. 


Then attach an art project to it. 
Now a felt board is more than a two minute work choice.

Handmade Season Work

I have made hundreds of works for my classroom. 
This one was done over 25 years ago with simple pictures from magazines and outline drawings that children colored in.
It has stood the test of time since it is still used 
and is a successful prompt for drawing. 

I simply cut a circle into fourths and found magazine picture representing the four seasons and color coded all. Then, from some old workbook I had black line drawings representing activities done in each season. Learning which season they belong in is part of the lesson given. 

I often make worksheets for my created lessons. The older kids want a paper work to color, draw and write on. My master is their guide to follow. They draw in the pictures to each season. 

When I see a handmade lesson hold student's attention for a long time and teach them skills they did not know it shows me this is a successful activity that I created for them. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Beyond the Horse Puzzle

We all know the Montessori science puzzles. 
We need more. Pictures. Books.

How about artistic beauty?

Need a paper design to go home to Mom.

See the boy in the background with the beaver puppet who is eating real downed logs from a Nebraska beaver. That too.