Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magnet Trays and Scale Weighing

This science unit is about magnets and the use of scales.
Here are examples of a variety of trays that are successful for the youngest and oldest in a classroom.

The traditional "yes" "no" tray with a horseshoe magnet

A wand magnet placed under the cardboard will mysteriously move the rock magnets above
along the course drawn on thin cardboard.

Bought set of magnet building with stars and magnet balls.

"Yes" "No" done with a magnet on a fishing rod.

Magnets of all shapes and sizes to build with.

Rock magnets to experiment with.

Large box of a variety of magnets to interact with.

Stars and beebies  in a closed box to move with the wand magnet.
Box in taped shut.


Simple tray for the younger children.

This is a favorite where one places the object under
 that thing I don't know the name of. You can see the impression of the ladder under the thing. Can't know everything!

Ounce scale with objects to weigh.

Worksheet - blank and the master

This common scale becomes more interesting if you add baskets and objects to compare

Monday, July 2, 2012

Writing in Outer Space

My Space Unit is really huge with the usual Montessori matching cards, etc.
Here I am mainly showing writing/drawing lessons that correspond to the unit.

These writing pages will make a moon landing booklet when done. The simple masters I drew from the corresponding book I made with photos from National Geographic about the actual first moon landing.
The children then copy my simple master and end up with a pretty cool book. This kid's rocket is better than mine!

This next booklet is about the sun.

Last is a page about the moon having no air, water, or life.