Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Beyond the Horse Puzzle

We all know the Montessori science puzzles. 
We need more. Pictures. Books.

How about artistic beauty?

See the boy in the background with the beaver puppet who is eating real downed logs from a Nebraska beaver. That too. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ode to the Knob Cylinders

One of Maria's first. Still the best. 

Ode to the Knobless Cylinders

Visual. Strictly Visual.

Down the Hole

Budget Works Kids Do for Too Long!

We all know that children love to drop things into small holes. 
I have made endless varieties of small motor skill works based on this love.
Many are one of a kind because I find the objects at Goodwill and figure out how to use them after playing around with things I have on hand in my many school storage rooms. 
They are always winners with the kids.

Incense jar with cocktail picks. 
I sometimes have to limit kid's time with this because they will do this for way too long.  

Olive picks in the holes of a food shaker.

Antique salt shaker with hair curler picks.

Swizzle sticks in a pencil holder.

Tiny beads dropped in vanilla jars.

Tiny plastic hats upside down into a small ice cube tray.
Hey, I had them both in storage and they called out to me for union. 
It worked!

And maybe the oddest:
Pom Poms down the volcano!
Don't know what the green tray is for or the black plastic tube.
They just wanted each other.
Kids Love It!! 

I have more. Many, many more.