Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ocean Study Shell Designs

You know those ugly shell necklaces no one wants?
They are perfect for this type of ocean life study design!
My bags of shells need a format for exploration and this
will work well!

Hardware tile samples display the shells while a 1940's estate sale mermaid enjoys the company! Do kids love doing this?
I love doing this!

Budget Shell Math

We are in landlocked Nebraska, yet I do a lot of work with shells.
I find boxes and bags of them at estate sales from those 
unknown people's trips to Florida.
Estate sale shell shaped dishes from the 1950's finish this one off 
as well as felt numbers. 

Foam numbers from Target and tiny shells from an estate sale create this fun counting work

Estate sale bracelets, shells and wooden numbers from an old puzzle make for a unique counting experience. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free Form Wheel Designs

Estate sale items that are one of a kind make this 
interesting construction activity. 
Basement workshops that are selling cast offs produced odd and varied objects such as cork balls, wheels and pulleys. 
The silver turtle shell napkin rings add the finishing touch. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blindfold Works

Sensorial Works- The Teaching of the Senses.
Here are exercises for the Sense of Touch.

Mystery Bag
Before a partner is blindfolded the objects are named for correct vocabulary.
Then, the "teacher" hands the blindfolded person an object and asks, "What does this feel like?'
until all objects are identified.
One could also put their hand into the bag and feel around to retrieve the object asked for.

Material Matching

Again, the naming of the material is imperative so one can announce "fake fur" or "leather" when asked.
The partner asks, "Do these feel the same or different?"

Any paired objects that are interesting to hold would work for this variation.

The partner asks, "Do these feel the same or different?"

Matched pairs of objects are separated so that one set is in the basket and one set is in the bag.
A child could do this alone by laying out the basket set and feeling into the bag for the match.
Partners work as well.

These are favorite works for the children since they get to wear a mask and partner with a friend.

Sensorial In Action

The heartbeat of Montessori. Material for all time.
The allure of the closed boxes.
Children totally absorbed.
The genius of Dr. Montessori held by tiny hands.

The Prepared Environment

The laboratory for discovery.

The task at hand.

Pride of a job well done.

Calming the spirit through work.

The "Wow" of what can be done.

The careful thought of placement.

The teaching of older child to younger.

The interweaving of materials.

Following the path.

Seeing the bold possibilities!

Listening to the whispers.

The molding of the mind of the future.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Black Piano Key Design

I have many orthodox Montessori posts on this blog.
What I am developing as a new curriculum this year is a selection of free form design works like this to expand the child's view of form and construction. The calm focus students have doing these shows me the exercises fix perfectly into our curriculum. 

2013 Parent Party Projects

Each December the parents visit our school to do holiday crafts.
Here are our choices for this year.

A child holds this to his face to become Santa.

Bought rubber figures are glued to a snow globe. 

This is large.