Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paper Thunder-birds and Paper Indian Dolls

Folded Paper Thunder-birds 

These paper Thunder-bird eagles are cut from a folded paper like you would a paper heart.
Draw half of the bird at the fold and cut so when you unfold it you have the full bird.

This gives you a positive and negative of the same images. Use both papers.

The birds can be simple or complex.

The positives are just as beautiful as the negatives.

They are beautiful even plain and could be hung like banners.

Kids decorate with yellow squares and zig zags.

Indian Paper Doll

These simple shapes create a cute paper doll that the children love.
Cut a fringe on the blanket edges.

Great Video!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tepee Diorama

For a base to a diorama, paint a ceiling tile and add rocks and twigs to create the outdoors.
Add objects to finish the look. 
We used our clay tepees.
Video is at bottom of this post!

Paper Teepees

Using brown grocery bags or just construction paper cut out large teepees for the kids to design.
 Add feathers and, in our case, images from a teacher's store.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Buffalo Art Project

Our art museum has "Art Trunks" for classes to rent. In this trunk from Joslyn Art Museum, artist Bob Haozous, had a flat, steel sculpture. I traced it to make a template and a project from it.

The cardboard template is traced onto brown paper.
4 and 5 year olds copy Indian symbols around the buffalo.
Design paper is colored and added.
 The younger children, who cannot draw the symbols, did this easier version.