Thursday, January 26, 2012

Art Rubbings

A favorite art project is to lay out collected items that have a good texture that can be covered with paper and rubbed with a crayon.  

I draw free hand designs to be rubbed onto to give the project more structure.

This computer created design also adds interest and focal points.

These 6 circles become a study of texture.

Kids will do this over and over with gusto using all the patterns and textures. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Practical Life on a Budget

My small school, Dundee Montessori, is operated in my parent's original home that I inherited. I have no big board of directors or big school budget. I make every decision on every detail by myself or with the help of Miss Shirley, who has been a teacher with the school for 14 years.

As a creative person, as most Montessori teachers are, my goal has been to present unique and original works for my students to do each day. I often tell them that this school will be the only place they will ever handle cow bones, or hold a horseshoe crab, or do the cool, fun practical life works I cobble together from cast offs.

I love putting practical life works together. We call them "table works" at my school and I continue to put new exercises together even though my store room is filled. I adore estate sales and Goodwill and so I continue to buy very cheap objects and I continue to love finding a way to use them. For me it is like a puzzle I must figure out. I bought these napkins rings but what do I use them for?

Here are the works on my shelf now that have all come from estate sales or Goodwill. 
Every tray, dish or spoon has been a bargain! 

Metal tins fit the star basket to make an attractive spooning work

Fuzzy pipe cleaners poke into this salt shaker.

Q-tips down the hole!

Sparkly pom poms drop into color coordinated napkin rings.

Those goofy ceramic kitchen animals with a spoon for a tail becomes one of our favorite works. 
Many different pieces from all different places comes together perfectly. 

Indian brass incense burners become a lid and top matching work with a pink pom pom to add inside.

What to do with a unique tree shaped bottle and hair bands.

So, all that is old is new again and finds a new and useful life!
The unwanted cast offs are very much needed in my life as a Montessori teacher.

Rock Unit

I rotate science units monthly and this is the start to our rock, fossils, and volcano unit 
which will take a couple months to go through. 
If you have seen my other science units you know I am a huge collector of all things natural.

A tray of crystals with a page from some workbook to sort them by size.
I try to add a paper work to most things because my kids love to do a paper element to take home.

Petrified wood to handle.

Naming different rocks.

I collected the geodes with the red dots and rubber bands to hold them shut in a stream in Iowa - a fossil meca.  When I taught Montessori in Iowa City, fossils were at every stream and mixed in the gravel in neighborhood driveways. I could actually walk down the street and collect fossils in people's drive. 

I will post my fossil unit later on. Watch for it.

Liebster Award to Little Ole Me!

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