Saturday, June 25, 2016

"So cute it hurts to look at them!", I was told.

A grandma crafter is looking down from heaven in wonder at her sewing turned into this counting work! Everything in this post is from this one grandma's estate sale. Thank you for making our classroom so darling!

My only vice is going to estate sales. What to do with one of a kind finds? I love to figure it out! Is it Montessori? Is it Reggio?  Who cares! They are darling and they get the concept across and hold children's attention and make them gasp with delight to do these works. 

A bag of life size plastic ants!  Get the tweezers out! 

Another bag of plastic flies?  Build a road to the stars! 
I know it is a bit weird but the boys love it!

Vinyl floor mat with movable stars !

When one pinches the jaws of these sewn heads the mouths open!  The kids love these! Pretty beads are dropped in and out.

Vinyl floor mat and many movable objects create this darling neighborhood!

Ooh la la! The pink poodle! 

I faint from cuteness! 
But it is not Montessori!
We work with children and children LOVE this!

Natural object frame on a vinyl floor mat. 
Grandma provided the sewing. 

International Doll Unit

 Another of my many collections that are shared with the classroom. 
Estate sales are a good place to find world dolls and nearly every sale I go to has at least one. 

These were given to me from Mongolia!

Also, I have traveled all over the world and pick things up as I go.