Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nature Boxes

If you visit my science posts you will see I collect all things great and small. 
Here is how a few things will be displayed for study.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Over-The-Top Montessori

Montessori purists hold on to your hat!

I allow children to mix materials when it is done with the flair 
of an artist as demonstrated here.

Our job as Montessori educators is to encourage creative thinkers so why would we shake in our boots when all our shelves hold works to do just that.

Montessori police in our heads be gone!

Let the beauty begin!

Only here in our classrooms will a child experience such heart fluttering combinations of design, color and shapes. Was this child proud and satisfied after this long, well-thought-out masterpiece?  The smiles! 

I have a shelf of Reggio loose parts for free form design and they came to visit the knobless cylinders.

Glittering like the sun!

The zing to make it ring!

Oh my!  I have seen real caterpillars this fancy in my tomatoes.

A Garden of Delight for any child.

Drawing the Brown Stairs?  
When it becomes a work of art that is the next logical extension.

This is the student who started it all. Her designs were big and beautiful and I never reined her in. All morning was spent at her work, just like any artist spends in their art studio. This is pure creativity and only Montessori materials can offer an experience like this.  Let's rejoice in the possibilities!