Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Form Designs on Trays

Old jewelry and wooden objects make a lovely design work for even the youngest children who need a bit more containment when doing a free form activity. 

Reflections in a Mirror

Mirrors, foam and wooden blocks and a tiled ceiling make for cool reflections!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Bonanza

Each Mother's Day our students give a clay project as a surprise from our clay program. This year we added a Mother's Day Art Portfolio with art projects from the last few months and examples of writing or other paper work the student has done. The combination makes for an awesome presentation for Mom to open!

A pinched coil is simply wrapped into a spiral.

Press mold leaves 

In the kiln

Flower hands are stapled to the front of a file folder that holds all their papers.

Lucky Mom to view this variety of awesomeness done by their child and to get a keepsake clay rose to have forever!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Copying Drawing Masters

I have three teaching degrees, one being a BFA in Art Education. As a child I loved nothing more than doing coloring books with crayons. It did not stifle my creativity, but instead make me think about color, line and design. I studied how the pictures were drawn and often tried to copy them. So, now with decades of teaching art to my students I never hesitate making masters for them to follow and copy. It allows very young minds to analyze shape, form, structure, space and color. My students are able to reproduce my master at a much higher level of artistic expertise than if they were simply asked to draw a tree with birds in it without a finished work to view first. These children are not yet in kindergarten, yet with the help of a master which I draw at a child's ability level, they are able to create startling finished work.

These drawings were added to their Mother's Day Art Portfolio.
Imagine their mom's delight at these guided drawings!