Sunday, March 10, 2013

Writing Prompts

Great Writing Prompts

I have devised untold numbers of writing prompts that make four year old children run to the writing table first thing each day. 
I will post only a few here for you to use.

Web Paper
This simple blank paper is used all day long to draw animals from our science shelf, objects from language 
or geography boxes, show and tell, on and on. 

Initial sound objects go a step further using this web paper. 

My masters for each letter are kept in a binder for use any time.
I draw simply like a child so success is easy .

So darling any parent would be proud of their four year old drawing and writing like this.

An example of how flexible this paper can be.

Simple Four Lined Paper
Full sheets or cut in half this is the most useful paper in the classroom and is used like crazy.
Single reading words or phrases and sentences go on this paper.

Writing Desk
A dedicated writing place with handy prompt cards invite children to sit, look and write.

Handmade Prompts That Work

Cards needed a way to be written. This works!

Cut out pages of a book needed a way to record the information.
A squared list works!

Squared list is versatile and used in many ways. 

Typed lists of information children need to learn works well. 
We also use a list like this for the months of the year.

Story Writing
Kindergarten or precocious four year olds will then 
be ready to write stories.  

Inventive spelling is usually not corrected.

Usually children are coping a master of mine on the subject at hand. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Tower Older Design Cards

These old photos come from a workshop a long time ago.  I laminated the photos and they are still being used daily in my classroom for the kids to look at and follow.

With a Zig and a Zag of the Brown Stairs

These formations are all laying flat not standing.
 I am shooting from above looking down at them.
Too much fun!