Sunday, September 25, 2011

Geometric Solids Objects

Geometric Solids

We have a basket of small objects to match to the geometric solids.
It helps the children visualize these shapes in things of daily life.

Sensorial Shape Box to Design With

A beautiful shape, color, design and sorting work is this three layered box of cut out shapes. 
It can be as easy or as advanced in structure as you wish.

I bought mine here:

Sensorial Extention Color Gradation Work

Our class enjoys this newer Montessori friendly color gradation work.
It is a good addition for any class!
You can buy it here:

Superwoman Was Already Here and it Was Maria Montessori

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Huge Unit on Insects

This long visual post highlights my unit on insects.
 Here is how you can do it for your class:

1. Collect dead specimens and put them in tiny boxes. They keep for many years. Look under rocks, under bushes, in the eaves of the garage and keep the porch light on to attract them.

2. Cut up insect books and magazines to make matching cards and corresponding pictures.

3. Draw like a child so your students can copy your master images.

4. Find workbook black line drawings to use as "parts of" masters. Image Google black line spider, for example.

5. Write little descriptions of the bugs for " Who Am I? " cards.

6. Be obsessed with making this unit. Teachers go through "sensitive periods" of learning, also!

7. When it is done you will have this loved unit for many years to make your science area shine!
Parents love doing these works as much as the kids!

Here goes! Remember, I have been teaching for a very long time. This unit evolved over years.

Scorpions / Tarantulas / Spiders



Cicadas and Cicada Killer Wasps




Praying Mantis


Cricket and Mosquito

Start with one bug that is laying on your porch now.
This tiny, hidden world of insects is all around you.
Observe, collect, and create! 
That is a Montessori teacher.
And have fun! And love bugs!!
Teach your children to observe and love insects, not step on them and scream. 
They will remember these lessons for life.

 I will do a curriculum search for the dead ladybug under your bush :