Sunday, July 15, 2018

How to host a whiz-bang water fun day!

We wait for it all year. 
The time for all children to run free and play 
and splash and giggle. 

Dundee Montesssori has a very long driveway and it is the perfect place to construct an environment for the dreams 
of children at play on a hot summer day. 

The key is different water stations to rotate through. 
Even though this station got a bit fixed up by the children 
it is all good.

 I found this huge funnel tube and it is a winner 
for cooperative play.

Fishing is a must.

Different sized funnels and bottles is a classic.

Water wheels hit the spot.

A sieve and net tub is a pleasure.

Boating is a go.

Water blast away!

 This standing water activity center works well.

Any type of water slide is a capital idea.

Bubbles are a must.

A water balloon station brings them running.

Slip 'N Slide belly crawl is a hit.

Freeze strange things and add shaving cream and shovels!

Every party needs a lemonade sidewalk cafe!

Balls down the pipes creates a stir!

Miniature golf is the go-to add-on! 


You gotta have trucks!

Wait! Is someone inside that tower?

Put it all together and you have done a first-rate job of creating a water wonderland for your young students!
This is what summer is all about!

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