Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Template Body

Kids are given a blank body traced from a cardboard template I cut out.

They then color it in and complete their whole body.

Kids Are Just Clowns

This art project is always met with enthusiasm by young artists. These kids are four year old students at the beginning of their 
pre-k year. They have been with me for a year and have developed the pencil control to master this project.

They look at my finished master for color hints.

As a final note, I always give young artists masters to look at, be inspired by and just plain copy.
Kids do not know how to create art until you show them. My clown drawing is done in a childlike manner so this 4 year old can have success of his own. He can now draw clowns with great relish. 
As you can imagine, his mother is delighted!

Colorful and happy, this project is a winner.