Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hush Little Baby American Folk Song

I hope I can inspire a teacher out there to create these picture prompt cards.
It makes such a difference and the kids can hold them up as they sing each verse.
I made files of cut up pictures from magazines and old books from garage sales to use in many ways.
So, while watching TV cut up things and file them in envelopes! They come in handy!

Show and Tell / Pre-K Writing Table - The Letter V

I do group work at a table where I can help 6 children at once.
This allows me to teach writing skills and more as a group. 
It works great and gets these kids ready for public school, where they will all go.

Ohashi Counting

Ohashi (chopstick) Counting 1 - 10 in Japanese

Using file folder corners I made fans that open into pockets.
Cut out the Japanese symbols for 1 - 10 for labels.
A larger container holds the chopsticks and they are counted into the fans while speaking in Japanese.
A beautiful foreign language extension of the Spindle Box!

Pre-K Writing for the Letter M