Saturday, January 30, 2016

Small Wooden Sorting

These wooden cutouts from Hobby Lobby will pique any child's curiosity and desire to handle lovely woodland objects and sort them according to like-kind. It is pre-math, development of concentration and small motor skills and fun.

Animal Designs on Trays

These natural wood cutouts are so small and delicate that a child must work with great care to handle the pieces and create this charming woodland scene. Thank you, Hobby Lobby online store.

These wooden birds can to matched and decorated with stars.

A garden delight for any child to organize and admire.

A Scene in the Woods

Hobby Lobby online store offers so many small wooden cutouts that I have been so intrigued with putting all the choices together into new darling tray activities. I love doing this! Who wouldn't? This teaches design, focus, gentle handling of delicate objects, woodland animals, building and most importantly fun! 

A Touch of Waldorf

Etsy's Montessori Restore is to thank for these appealing new works in sorting and addition and subtraction. Love, love these new work trays!

Fun With Oysters

A free form design with sorting and admiring of the beauty of the sea.

Thank you, Hobby Lobby online store, for these wooden animals to nestle in pretty oyster homes.