Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ocean Study Shell Designs

You know those ugly shell necklaces no one wants? 

They are perfect for this type of ocean life study design!

My bags of shells need a format for exploration and this 
will work well!

Hardware tile samples display the shells while a 1940's estate sale mermaid enjoys the company! Do kids love doing this?
I love doing this!

Budget Shell Math

Estate sale bracelets, shells and wooden numbers from an old puzzle make for a unique counting experience. 

Foam numbers from Target and tiny shells from an estate sale create this fun counting work

We are in landlocked Nebraska, yet I do a lot of work with shells.
I find boxes and bags of them at estate sales from those 
unknown people's trips to Florida.
Estate sale shell shaped dishes from the 1950's finish this one off 
as well as felt numbers.