Friday, November 15, 2013

My Hands Become Whales!

My master at the top clearly shows how my hand tracing becomes happy whales.

I trace the children's hands with a marker and they become busy creating their own ocean scene.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Arty Fall

The leaves call out to us to make beautiful art with them.

After it is rubbed with a flat crayon, a rainbow vibrates around it.

Overlap the rubbings for a forest floor.

Thank you, Pinterest teacher, for this good idea.
Dry oatmeal and ripped lunch bags.

Pom pom painting

On the shelves this week!

Another estate sale, another group of new works on the shelves.
I love the serendipitous discoveries found at estate sales.
A million tiny bowing pins? How odd and how useful to me!
Animal napkins rings! Win! 

Cards from a calendar. A perfect match for the Target acorns

Imported napkin rings will be a hit in my class!

I look at all objects as not what they are, but 
as what they could be.
And they can be great for us!