Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Land, Air and Water. A Montessori/Reggio Hybrid Layout

A mix on classical Montessori geography and Reggio Loose Parts? Oh, no!
Oh, yes! It is way cool. In the past I have used the common three bottles filled with dirt, water and air and the matching animal cards. And with this I do give the traditional intro using the globe to describe the land, ocean and being surrounded by air.
But then I deviate using cut paper, a painted shell on canvas and a Lego cave ( horrors to a purist ) simply laid on a large floor mat
Then we lay out the land part which is rocks, the ocean part which are shells and the air part which is cotton ball clouds. Labels for land, air and water are added.
The animals come next.
Last the vehicles cards are talked about and added.
The old way is classic, but this way is so interactive and takes much thought and consideration in placing all the objects. 
I love it. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Doily Prints

Estate sale doilies. 
No one wants them. No one buys them. 
I look at them and see potential and fun ahead!
Twenty-five cents each is also a good reason to find a use for these handmade items from times gone by.

Paint them up, flip them over and press them on paper. 
Simple and so pretty!

We thought that the print would transfer easily by rolling with a brayer. We found the children were not strong enough to do that well.

We found the best way to transfer the print was to place newspaper on top and rub hard.

This would make Grandma proud!  Lovely prints bring new life to the old, unloved doily! And we do appreciate the handmade labor of love from women of the past who made these lovely doilies that once brightened their home.