Friday, September 20, 2013

Surrealism Collage for Preschool

The juxtaposition of disharmonious and unrelated images creating surprise, shock and in this case laughter is an attribute of surrealistic art.  All you need are striking pictures cut from magazines and glue sticks. I gave the kids a choice of images that I knew would dazzle.
Humans were cut apart into head, body and legs to be reconstructed into a new, startling form. Other puzzling images float around them.  
These young children only have the beginning skills to draw suns so that is what we added.  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Illuminated Free Form Designs

I was given a box of lighted globes. Oh, thanks. 
What am I going to do with those?
Oh! This!!

Slid the globes out of the box keeping them in their cardboard packing and added these elements.

Felt heart, glazed ceramic test plates from an estate sale, 
flat marbles, and polished rocks. 

Clustered the globes and 
turned the lights out!

Ceramic Dish Design

My estate sale scavenger hunting pays off. The colorful dishes are glaze tests from a home ceramics studio and the middle dish was 25 cents. Felt heart from a Valentine's project and flat marbles make for a flashy display in colors.

As a group each child got to pick a glazed dish and a flat marble or polished rock to put on it and then add to the community design.
We discussed color and placement and the children loved it.

Antique Mirror Design

Three is a magic number in art so here we have flat marbles, plastic stars and plastic swizzle sticks. The mirror is probably from the 1930's and found in an attic. The youngest children love this easy design work. So pretty.

Free Form in a Large Frame Design

So simple. Elements are an empty large frame on a black vinyl mat, colored craft sticks, foam stars and wooden rectangles. I have simply started looking in my craft closet for components to create these flexible design works. The beginning to seeing the world in shapes and colors.