Friday, July 26, 2013

Fairy Village in a Montessori Classroom? Yes!

I know fairy villages are very popular now and I do love looking at outdoor ones on Pinterest.
If you look at my Estate Sale posts
you will see that I re-purpose garage sale items into lovely works for my Montessori classrooms at my school. A sale brought these little houses into my life and I could not resist.
Out of my rock unit box came the polished rocks. 
Out of a my nature boxes came the nuts and seeds. From my craft closet came the wooden pieces.

I do believe in play. That takes guts for a Montessori teacher to say. We offer periods of play at my school.
So, I have no problem adding this to our selection of play options.
Do the kids love it?  They are children, you know, and children do love to play. 

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