Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Children's Crayon Art - Overlapping Templates

This project could be adapted to any subject, for example a horse and sun template cut from cardboard.
Here I use a simple triangle and figure.

Children watch me make this master as I talk about the design choices of spirals, scallops, zig-zags, dashes, wavy lines and polka dots. Each shape is filled in using normal crayons.

Now the artists trace their design using the triangle and cardboard figure to create and fill in their composition. They see the space being broken into many new and interesting shapes.


GC said...

When you give this lesson, is it with a small group at a table, at circle time, or with an individual? I taught everything from Montessori Primary to grade 12 but never did very well with art. My forte is music. Now that I'm retired and my husband is about to be, we decided we want to spend our twilight years teaching a small Montessori school in our home. I need some concrete ideas how to include lessons like your beautiful art lessons. I'm intrigued your videos and blog posts.

Carolyn Hadsell said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and I do hope you can use all my art postings for your school. I would give a group lesson on this and make a master for them to view as they watch me. Then I put the project on a table for 2 kids to do at a time while they view my master. The lesson would stay out until all students has a turn and then maybe go on a tray for them to do on their own. Works well. Have fun!