Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Put a Loose Parts Shelf Together

This shelf has four free form works stored on it. Three are contained on a tray and one is done on a floor mat. All items are from estate sales and cost very little.

 On the top shelf sits a blue work that is contained in a tray to be used as a table work.
The necklace and beads,spindles and wooden objects were all "found" and can be arranged in various ways.

Any child would love to do this!

A red paper place mat, a paper doily, laser cut discs from Hobby Lobby, old ear rings and odd found objects makes this handsome red table tray work,

 I love finding interesting focal points such as this tiny tower that is accented by metal handles, rubber tiles and wooden discs. 

 This design comes from the offerings on the bottom shelf. It is laid out on a red vinyl floor mat and is endless in the variations. 
Used here is a silver place mat from a garage sale, polished rocks, shells, and various objects found at estate sales. 

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