Saturday, June 28, 2014

Geometric Solids Fractions

This is why I love estate sales!

I sorted two boxes of wooden fraction blocks found in the basement of an estate sale that match the Geometric Solids !

Oklahoma barite rose rocks and a weird ball were in the boxes!

Found dates in boxes from 1979.
 I am sure the past owner, who was an early childhood educator, 
is smiling down from heaven!

Cube Extension
Every which way to divide a cube.
It boggles my mind!

Rectangular Prism Extension
What a lesson this will be!

The rest of the family now have all wooden classification matches.
I had used a basket of found objects of various shapes before. 

Mystery forms

 I struggled with these until they became cubes from three odd looking pieces!

Flat wooden shapes hold a future of design wonderful to behold!
I have bagged the rest of the shapes for exploration in math 
and Reggio loose parts!

My old way of classification has been upgraded!


Tearri Rivers said...

Fantastic! You are right someone is smiling down from heaven. Your so crwative too. Thank you for sharing

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