Friday, August 12, 2011

Children's Open Studio Art in Clay

Cool Video at the bottom of this post!

Braided clay coil handle basket

Alien with gun!


I was busy and ignoring this kid and when I turned 
around he had made this tea pot! 

The Wrestler #1

Lidded Stamped Jar made by a three year old.

Wrestler #2

Easter Basket

Japanese stamps that actually say office things like, 
"out going mail"! 
I bought them at an office supply store in Tokyo and my Japanese friends thought I was crazy.

Beautiful Coil Pots by four and five year olds.

See the video here:


Sally Haughey said...

Oh how lovely! I love all this clay work! I wish my class could work with clay more throughout the year.

Inspired Montessori said...

Thanks, Sally! The parents love having all the clay work displayed in their homes for many years.