Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Light Tables

Our classroom light table is a beloved activity due to the variety of objects and even subject matter I offer the children. Collecting objects like lace doilies, clear swizzle sticks, glass gems, and any other objects that will allow light to pass through is the key to success. I see it as a dynamic extension to our loose parts curriculum that teaches art design which is dominant in my blog posts here. This is intriguing for a person of any age to do as many of my original works are.

An extension to our fall study is brilliant with a simple addition of a cut paper tree.

The greatness of free-form design is that a child of very young age can succeed at making a thing of beauty.

These are slices of geode and other clear polished stones.

This shows the elements of art using repetition,shape and direction.

A house filled with gingerbread men with the stars and moons over head.

The gasps of wonder come when the light is turned on!

To make such a delightful art piece is a deep pleasure and gives a sense of contentment for the maker.

A light table in any classroom is awe inspiring!


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