Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Swirly Paintings. Great for Toddlers!

The next three posts are toddler painting projects

Scribbler age children can make beautiful 
art work without being able to draw!
This is so simple and gorgeous.

You will need a plate to paint on.

On the back dob some paint.

Turn the plate over and 
"Turn the plate like a steering wheel."
It will leave a swirl of paint. 
Turn the plate over and do it again.

Do the same with a smaller lid.
This is a laundry detergent lid.
Dob paint on the top

Turn the lid to make smaller swirls.

Does not have that finished look so...

Now paint circles around the swirls.

Last, paint the background.

A very dynamic looking project that a two year old or much older child will love to do!


Chris said...

Oh my goodness, this looks great!
My kids are 10 and 13, but I am still pinning it just for the sheer fun of it!
Thank you!}Found you at the Crafty Moms Share hop and came over for a visit.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks again!
196 ermaow

Laura from Lalymom said...

Love this, looks just like Kandinsky! :)

Carrie said...

Oh, how beautiful!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! And congratulations on being most clicked this week!

inspiredmontessori said...

Thank you, ladies. And this is so very easy for any age child!