Monday, January 6, 2014

Blindfold Works

Sensorial Works- The Teaching of the Senses.
Here are exercises for the Sense of Touch.

Mystery Bag
Before a partner is blindfolded the objects are named for correct vocabulary.
Then, the "teacher" hands the blindfolded person an object and asks, "What does this feel like?'
until all objects are identified.
One could also put their hand into the bag and feel around to retrieve the object asked for.

Material Matching

Again, the naming of the material is imperative so one can announce "fake fur" or "leather" when asked.
The partner asks, "Do these feel the same or different?"

Any paired objects that are interesting to hold would work for this variation.

The partner asks, "Do these feel the same or different?"

Matched pairs of objects are separated so that one set is in the basket and one set is in the bag.
A child could do this alone by laying out the basket set and feeling into the bag for the match.
Partners work as well.

These are favorite works for the children since they get to wear a mask and partner with a friend.


Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

I love this! You have so many great ideas on your blogs for fun & educational things to do with kids! I hope you'll continue to link them up at my Sharing Time Linky!
Have a great weekend :)

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

We've used our mystery bags a lot, but hadn't thought of partners. Thanks!

plantingpeas said...

Love this, wish I had more kids to do games like this. I linked up to this on my post ( Thanks!