Friday, August 12, 2011

Pass it On - "One Lovely Blog Award"

  Sasha from  was kind enough to pass this acknowledgement of
 “One Lovely Blog Award” on to me! I am so pleased to even be found, let alone appreciated!
 Thank you!!

As per requirements to the community I will post 7 things about myself and then pass this award on to 16 other great bloggers whom I admire. This is a great way to know each other and find new bloggers!

1. I have been teaching Montessori for over 30 years and it was all an accident! I simply needed a job during graduate school and this strange school hired me without ever saying the word Montessori. I fell in love with it and dropped out of grad school.
2. I was supposed to be a potter.
3. 2012 will be the 25th year of my small school which I opened so I could continue nursing my baby son. I nursed for a total of four years (2 sons) while running my school. I don’t recommend this without a nanny!
4. I taught Montessori for two years at an international school in Tokyo where I taught children from all over the world. They were the most exciting two years of my life.
5. Montessori has been the best vehicle for all my passions of teaching, art, music and creating curriculum.
6. I have lived all my life’s dreams such as living on a commune (drug free one), live overseas, travel the world, and start businesses, on and on. I did it all but this…
7. My final dream is to share my unique writing program.

16 Great Bloggers:

Of course, we all love the” Big Boys” like Counting Coconuts and Deb! 


Juliet Robertson said...

Thank you very much - it's very kind of you to list my blog. Long live blogging!

N from the Learning Ark said...

Thank you for the blog award!