Sunday, August 14, 2011

Montessori Thesis / Practical Life and Math

My Montessori training center, MECA-Seton in Chicago, had monster requirements of their future graduates. We made vast quantities of materials for approval by sage, Celma Perry.  Our final opus was a Montessori thesis. Here is a condensed version of mine posted in parts for you to view.
 I was working on my masters in clay when I discovered Montessori.

Montessori Clay

Practical Life and Math in Clay
What better complement to flowers than the earthiness of a clay vessel.
Wheel thrown and hand built vases

Miniature pitchers for rice or water pouring exercises

Matching pitcher and bowl sets

Tweezer  Sorting Exercises

Tiny squares are paired according to dots of color

Extruded geometric and decorative colored-clay shapes are grouped according to likeness

Matching Exercises

I carved the original pattern into a plaster stamp to decorate these clay slabs with leaf and flower motifs.

Clay rings paired according to natural clay color.

Clay counters. What a relief from those plastic discs!


Sasha said...

Wow, just gorgeous! Is there more????

Inspired Montessori said...

Yes, more slowly coming soon. Thanks for asking.