Saturday, August 20, 2011

Montessori Thesis / Language

A continuation of the thesis that I presented to Celma Perry at 
MECA-Seton Montessori Traning Center in Chicago. By day I worked in my clay studio and at night I made required teaching materials for certification. Here I was inspired by language materials to make unique classroom objects in clay.

The Mystery Bag holds large clay letters to be felt through the bag and guessed at.

Having fun with an initial sound exercise.

Initial sound cards made from clay match to the animals!
The lightheartedness expressed in their modeling is certain 
to carry through to the child!

A second set of clay cards are for sounding out the words!

These whimsically shaped sounds are wall tiles. Children's recognition of the sounds would certainly add visual interest 
to the environment! 

A Clay Hanging Peg Board Alphabet

Why do letters have to be flat? A child can feel these raised sounds!
Fun to look at and exciting for children to identify!

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